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RadioShuffle is known worldwide for its efficiency in finding the best electronic music for our listeners - From home recordings to professionally. We pick through hundreds of songs every month spending our time making sure you hear only the best.

MixTapes time! RadioShuffle has been streaming its internet radio stations for awhile but as each year comes and goes we need to keep up with what users want. By no means does this mean we will stop streaming our stations but to further our offerings.. And with that we are happy to be releasing something called "Mixtapes", To give a general overview this is:
"a compilation of favourite pieces of music, typically by many different artists, recorded on to tape or another medium by an individual."

We've given this a spin by having our expert producers create playlists in various genres to suit users interests. Then using the power of YouTube we share those playlists with you (our viewers!). We are keen to know if you like this new feature, so please do send some feedback or even comment on the different mixtapes if you listen to them :).

And now you can even submit your own! Click on Mixtapes up the top and hit the "Submit" link to get started.